Dakota County On Call Services

Dakota County entered into a blanket agreement with Traffic Data Inc (TDI) several years ago to provide data collection services on an as needed basis.  The blanket agreement was designed to give Dakota County the flexibility to work with TDI’s traffic counting service as projects arose without creating a new contract for each project. Whenever Dakota County needs data collection completed, they simply send an email or call TDI to get the data collection process started.

In 2013/2014, Dakota County used TDI to perform approximately 120 13-hour turning movement counts. In 2015, the county provided TDI a list of approximately 40 intersections for data collection at the beginning of the summer. They continued to add to the list of projects several times with the total number of turning movement count projects reaching 70 by fall of 2015. There was no need to get a new contract or a batch of signatures each time they wanted to add an intersection to the list.  This saved Dakota County a lot of time and hassle throughout the process.

A blanket agreement can be a great way to save time if you anticipate doing a lot of data collection over a longer period of time.